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Server Rules

These rules serve as your first and possibly only warning. Staff reserve the right to take disciplinary action without any additional warnings.
You may still be punished for things not listed here, do not try to circumvent the rules, use common sense.

You know the rules, and so do I.

1. Cheating, Exploiting and Alternate accounts

No Cheating, Hacking, Abusing Glitches, or doing anything that would be considered giving you, or others, an unfair advantage over other players in any way, shape, or form, or encourages others to do so.Mods Allowed:• Performance improvement mods. -• Armor and effect status HUD mods.• Purely aesthetic mods.• Litematica (Pasting with litematica isn't allowed).Using any mod is at the player's own risk.

1.1 Assisting others to break rules.

Players that help other players in breaking any rules will be punished.

1.2 Taking advantage of server glitches, bugs, and errors

Players are not allowed to take advantage of server exploits, glitches, errors, or bugs. Abusing any of these can lead to your progress being reset and/or an account suspension.

1.3 Alternative accounts

You may only use one main account and one alt account per player. If you have more than one person playing the server on your Wi-Fi, exceptions can be allowed. Open a ticket on our discord to request this.You are responsible for your account and accept responsibility for harm done by your account and others on your IP.

1.4 Ban evasion

Using an alt account to log in to the server to bypass an existing ban on another account is not allowed.

1.5 Do not abuse alternative accounts

Alt abuse can be defined as, but is not limited to:• Mass usage of alts to generate vote rewards.• Keeping chunks loaded at farms or grinders etc.• Looting the contents of accounts that do not belong to you (leaked accounts).• Using alts to bypass cooldowns.

1.6 Causing harm to RapidzMC Servers & Lag

Players creating lag machines, cobble-monsters, server crashers, botting, or anything else designed to do damage to the server is not allowed.This includes in 0 tick farms, or other LAG devices which could harm the server.Keep Redstone contraptions reasonable, large machines that cause significant lag will be removed without notice.

2. Behavior and Chat

Flooding the chat is not allowed.Advertising: this includes other MC servers as well as personal Discord servers etc. Advertising your twitch stream is fine as long as you are currently playing on RapidzMC, and you limit your in-game ads to 1 per 5 minutes.Staff want the best for the server and put a lot of effort into moderation, so don't make it harder for them to do so by harassing them, creating riots, falsely reporting people or trying to reveal vanished moderators.Toxicity towards other players is not allowed.

2.1 No bypassing PvP protection

TP killing, kill warps, traps, etc. are not permitted.Toggling PVP, Pushing out of claim, Claim Camping.• If a player is in their town you may not push them out of their claim in order to kill the player.• If a player is in their town claim you may not do anything to kill the player, you may only kill the player if they are in the wilderness but not when the player is inside their town.• You may not camp at players' claims in order to get an opportunity to kill them (camping is staying at the town border and not letting any chance to the player to go outside the town).• Do not camp player death chests so someone is unable to collect their stuff

2.2 Scamming & Trading

Do not intentionally scam other players. This includes but is not limited to:• Breaking an agreement regarding items sold/traded.• Rigging minigames or casinos to never win.• Selling an item disguised as another legitimate item.

2.3 AFK & Auto Farms

Afk farms aren't allowed, but auto farms are.Afk farm: any farm that requires a user input while that user is afk. An example is an afk fish farm.Auto farm: any farm that can run passively without a user input. An example of this is an automated melon farm.

2.4 Filter Bypassing

Macros, afk pools, and other tools to attempt to bypass the afk timer are not allowed.Attempting to bypass or bypassing the chat filter, VPN filter or other filters we have in place is not allowed.

2.5 Names and builds

No inappropriate names, skins, town names, tool names, pet names, nation names, builds, chat or similar.• Towns cannot have a similar name to another town.• Nation name must correspond with the map location of the nation capital.• Nation cannot have a similar name to another nation.• Nation cannot be named after unions.• Nation cannot be named after a continent.

2.6 Discussion

Do not discuss real-world, current politics in open channels. Please utilize private messages or parties to discuss these topics.While RapidzMC celebrates all diverse cultures, we ask that you keep from using other languages in any of our global chats. This is because our moderation team can only speak English and it is hard to uphold rules in other languages.

2.7 Community Safety

Do not harrass other players.
Harassment can be identified as, but is not limited to the following:
• Consistent unsolicited messaging (in-game, private messages, mail).• Tp request spam.• Refusing to leave a build or claim.• Targeted profanity.All RapidzMC platforms should be kept clean of inappropriate, mature, pornographic or otherwise offensive content.
Discrimination, slurs or hate speech, or any threats or harassment of any member of the community is prohibited.
Sexualisation, inappropriate comments or invasion of any members privacy is prohibited.
Any IP Logger, Phishing link, malware, or other malicious content is strictly prohibited.DDoS, DoS, and Doxing will have you permanently banned regardless if you only threaten.

2.8 Do not share personal information in public chats.

While we discourage the sharing of personal information in general, if you insist on doing so, please keep it in private messages.Twitter, streaming platforms, and generic personal information is allowed. Do not share information about other people without their consent.

2.9 Impersonation

Pretending to be another user or a staff member is strictly prohibited. Similar names are allowed as long as they are not used to mislead.

3.0 Do not falsely report players.

Please refrain from filing joke or slanderous reports on other players as this wastes staff's time and hurts others.

3.1 Town rules do not override server rules.

Server rules will always be applied to town members and owners, regardless of the individual rules that the town might have. Staff also do not enforce town rules, and will only step in to enforce server rules, or to approve claim/build removals in certain circumstances.

4.0 Griefing & Stealing

Do not Grief or destroy terrain. Raiding is fair in unclaimed land as long as it is not within 5 chunks of a town or outpost.• Grief: the unauthorized destruction or alteration of other's property, is not permitted.• Raiding: the taking of items in chests and or storage, is permitted in unclaimed land only.• Claim trust abuse: taking items or blocks in a trusted claim where you have no explicit permission from the claim owner to do so. Having trust in a claim does not permit you to take items.

4.1 Destroying land in the wilderness.

The Wilderness is a non claimed area. You are allowed to steal as long as that the structures aren't within or in close proximity to a claimed town.Players are not allowed to break infostructure such as ice roads, railways, and similar builds that run through the wilderness.Lava casts are not allowed regardless of their location.

4.2 Claim blocking

• Claim blocking is placing claims near a town in order to block them from expanding their town.• A town's claims count as blocking if they create long arms of claims. These arms are strictly forbidden since it blocks others from creating future towns and blocks other towns from expanding.• Only mayors of towns that are being claim blocked can report a user for claim blocking.• Claim blocks can be removed at any time with no refund.

5.0 Player Government

• Attempting to manipulate player government elections is prohibited.• Attempting to bribe or threaten any player government member is not allowed.• Player government members must not be "corrupt" and must act in the community's interest.• You cannot pay people or give people items in exchange for them to vote for you.

6.0 Miscellaneous

• Do not build or mine around the borders of warps or spawn.• Rank perks must be used for the player with the rank only. For example you cannot mine spawners for people without ranks.Please note that everything on this list will get you punished or muted immediately, regardless of your intention. You might, however, get banned or muted for any offenses that are not listed on here if they exceed a certain extent.


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© RapidzMC All rights reserved.RapidzMC, Rapidz, or OneSpaceMC is not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Microsoft Corporation. Minecraft is © and trademark Mojang AB 2009-2022.

RapidzMC War Guide

War Types

Riot - One town fighting amongst itself. Players side with the city or the rioters via team selection.Town vs Town - Two towns fight against each other.Civil War - One nation fighting amongst itself. Towns side with the capital or the rebels via team selection.Nation vs Nation - Two nations fight against each other.

War Tokens

War tokens are how a town initiates a war.Every new Towny Day each town will recieve a war token if they are:A - Not involved in an active war
B - Not peaceful/neutral
C - Not part of a nation which is peaceful/neutral
War Tokens are redeemed for War declaration books which are used to start wars.To purchase a Declaration of War using your town's tokens use /town redeemThe amount of tokens needed are as follows:Riots: 3
Town v Town: 4
Civil War: 7Nation v Nation: 7War declaration books are not locked to the town which bought them, so you can sell them to each other.

Global War settings

© RapidzMC All rights reserved.RapidzMC, Rapidz, or OneSpaceMC is not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Microsoft Corporation. Minecraft is © and trademark Mojang AB 2009-2022.